Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick trip!!

We decided to take a quick trip to St. George/Zions National Park for fall break. I wasn't super excited about going anywhere.. I never really am. I am such a homebody. I like to be home. Such a bore. Tim really wanted to get out of town ~ so off we went. We spent most of our time doing three things.. Zions. Played at the condo. Pioneer Park. I think I have hundreds of pics.. {ugh!} I mean.. {Go ME!} I'll just post a few of this latest adventure .. .

Zions.. Highlights for the kids were the wild life. SERIOUSLY!! The kids could have cared less about the historic sights and/or hiking, but they played with the fish.. lizards.. chased butterflies.. took massive pictures of squirrels and deers and could have played ALL DAY LONG. They were totally in their element. Very fun.

Played at the Condo.. Of course swimming.. swimming .. and more swimming. Late night movies.. shuffle board.. and lots of treats! YUM!

Pioneer park. What a blast! The kids could have stayed at this place forever. In fact we went two days in a row for many many hours! Jumping rocks.. hunting lizards.. playing king of the rock... exploring the little nooks and crannies.. of these beautiful red rocks.

So glad we decided to get away. It was so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

FYI- don't forget about the attack squirrels at zions. Those little suckers would practically mug someone for a cracker. No Fear from the wild animals.