Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lola's 2!!

This is all about our Lo* bug! We sure love this girl. Let me just say first off that she is personality plus. When I say that I mean she is way intense.. She knows exactly what she wants.. when she wants it.. how she wants it.. and she will get it. If you won't help her she will just do it herself. She will move chairs.. sneak in bedrooms.. climb cupboards.. wonder outside to find the kids. Being the baby of 5 she doesn't wait around for anyone to help her .. she just takes care of things all by herself. She is a busy busy little lady.. from the minute she wakes up in the morning she is on the go go. Lo is funny. She likes "her people." And if you aren't one of her people that day or week or month.. forget it!! She loves to sing.. we make up songs together all the time. If I sing something she doesn't like... she is quick to scream (sing loudly) the "right" words. She loves balloons.. babies.. she loves to shake it .. shake it.. and dance! She gives the BESTEST HUGS ever. She holds on long and she hugs tight. She for sure has a sparkle in her eye. She is living in her very own fairytale. That's my bugs and here is her day!

On a typical day, our Lo is a sleepy head. Usually she is the last one awake. On her birthday she was the first one awake and ready to start her special day. She was thrilled to see a room full of balloons just for her. Oh and she knew that they were just for her. She let everyone know that they were her balloons.

Sissy's Birthday Breakfast. Girlfriend doesn't eat much, but she loves her some pancakes and strawberries.

Her birthday was on a Sunday this year.. {BOO!} Not just any Sunday, but Primary Program Sunday. (This mom was helping with the music.) So while we were busy we managed to celebrate in a simple but prefect way for Bug!

Yummy treats!

Very rich, but they were fun.. and seemed to all disappear.

As an extra Special surprise we put glow sticks in the "tubby!" She could have stayed in that "tubby" all night long. Girlfriend thought for sure she was in Heaven.

Happy Birthday Bugga .. We love you!


Anonymous said...

I heart lo bug... especially her "dank you! sorry!"

Anonymous said...

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