Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jacq turns 6!!

Oh my! This girl! My girl! She's six!! I can hardly believe it! She definitely couldn't wait to join our family! I never felt so strongly in my entire life that "she".. YES. I knew deep within my soul before she arrived in our family .. that "she" was a girl. I also knew that she needed to join our family at a very specific time {YESTERDAY MOM!!}.. It was a very wild and busy time.. {I don't know why.. but she needed to be with her brothers.} It was a physically exhausting time in our life.. {We never got any sleep.. Tim and I both wiped bums all day.. {x3}.. filled sippy cups.. {x3}.. loved crying babies.. {x3}.. shoveled food into hungry little mouths.. {x3}.. same thing at night..{x3} I think you get the idea.. {x3}. I loved it but it was {x3} the babies and one ready to join our wild family!

Jacq is a wild woman. So full of spunk. So full of love. So full of little girl feelings and emotions. Anything you can do.. she can do better.. and she will.. even if it kills her. I heart her. Not that she is trying to show you {or brothers} or anyone up. Just that she knows she can dig deeper and work harder and accomplish things... ANYTHING! I heart her determination. She is one of my biggest challenges, {she really is} but also one of my greatest joys. She is so talented. She loves fashion. She loves to draw and she is so good at it. She is so thoughtful of people around her and loves deep. She loves to read {although I am certain she will not admit it} She loves music. piano. singing. bike riding. skiing. She walks.. runs.. skips.. and jumps to the beat of her own drum and doesn't give a darn who is watching because she is doing her thing. Our Jacqualynn is a very special lady and this is her very special birthday celebrations.
Birthday Breakfast! Everyone's favorite. :)

Got to add the candles. Pink Candles!


Our Watson Grandparents / Auntie Nana were out of town, but made sure to drop off a couple treasures that made this girl smile!!
This girl has been begging for earrings!! Ma Deb / Papa Rick to the rescue! What a fun Birthday date for Jacq.. earrings and ice cream! I forgot my camera. {boo!} Jacq was practically floating into Claire's because she was so excited.

Nana stopped in for a surprise visit. She brought her a special birthday card that has been decorated time and time again. A couple days later they headed out to Yogurtland where I think Jacq had more yummy treats on her birthday creation than actual yogurt! YUM!!

FA papa and Sandi remembered Jacq's special day with a text message that made her squeal.. but waited until they could surprise her in person with some new Harley Davidson gear. I don't think she will ever take it off. :)

This girl was spoiled ROTTEN during her special month. She is truly surrounded by people that love and care about her. I know that she felt so important. Thank you everyone! Happy Birthday Jacqualynn Gracie Goose!! We love you!


Anonymous said...

I love my grace. If it was up to me she would have waffles and strawberries every day!

Anonymous said...

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