Monday, October 31, 2011


I have this awesome love/hate relationship with Halloween. I seriously love it.. but I hate it. I love it because I had the most amazing Grandmother that put her whole heart and soul into Halloween. She was the "gatherer" of our family and gather she did! Halloween was not just an ordinary holiday but a full on celebration! On the other hand.. I just don't love the whole idea of trick or treating.. Maybe it's because I never did trick or treat as a kid! Nope Never! I won't be sad when we outgrow that part of Halloween. Anyway.. the children love to "trick or treat" so we do it. This year was surprisingly one of my favorites years.
This year was a costume box kind of year. Our costumes either had to be in the costume box or the children had to "think it up!" This is what they came up with.

This is my hospital run-a-way! My injured little man! This little friend wanted to dress up with one of his bestest buds. So he did! He was outta here this year. Once he met up with his friends .. it was over. They trick or treated all over the neighborhood and made a haul!

Oh my.. This costume is a keeper. It has been on someone for at least 4 years. Every year it rotates, but it never goes unused. Alexander loved playing up the part! He is my overly animated child. He too disappeared. He ran into a friend and was gone for the night!

Look at my little He is my boy. I could seriously just kiss that face! He was pretty excited about his mummy idea.. and we just happened to have an old white loner bed sheet. Perfect! He disappeared with Alexander.

This is the only picture I could find of my little snow skier. And this snow skier costume idea was all her. She is going hard core on the slopes this year. She is way ready to get up there.. like YESTERDAY!! Since the boys ditched us it turned into a girls night+ dad. Jacq mostly wanted to find "her people" She didn't super care about how much candy she collected or what kind.. but she wanted to find her favorite teachers.. her favorite friends and just hang out with us. Loved every minute of that.

The babes. My wild woman. And boy is she a wild woman. She couldn't decide what she wanted to be for Halloween. Nor do I think she really cared. One minute she was Tinkerbell.. or Snow white.. The next a mummy or running around with Max being injured. I think she just liked being apart of all the commotion. Lo girl really just loves to be apart of all the chaos around her. She is my sweet tooth girl. So this girl loved the idea of candy. When she figured out she was trick or treating for treats.. it was "GAME ON!" She was running from house to house.. "please.. treat!" "..thank you!" "..thank you!" Pretty cute!

Last minute I was thinking we needed a little Halloweener surprise dinner.. So I threw these mummy dogs and apple teeth together.. I personally liked the idea of dinner in a pumpkin.. but we did that last year and it was a huge flop. The kids thought it was the most disgusting thing EVER. So dogs and apples it was.

Until next year ~


Anonymous said...

thanks for a great night. I especially liked your cute mom costume!

Becca said...

Wow!! Those are awesome costumes for just picking them out of the box and rounding it up. Love them all. You sure have a fun gang. Love your festive dinner too.

Anonymous said...