Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Performance..

This was the most adorable school program! All these kids just sang their little hearts out. Especially Jacq. Poor Jacq. My little snow skier was so sick that day! So so so sick. She worked so hard with her class on these songs and got up their and did her best! That's Jacq for you. She did all the actions.. she was so animated.. and sang her little heart out. After the program the girl was sweating buckets. She probably should have been a cat that day. :)
Here are a couple cute pics.. Jacq singing and Jacq with her 1st grade teacher.

Here a couple clips of too much cuteness.. that's my girl. Too . Much. CUTENESS!


Anonymous said...

she is hard core! I'm hot just looking at her in the goggles, coat, scarf...

that's dedication to the costume

Becca said...

I can't believe she was so sick that day... what a bummer! You can tell she wasn't as energetic as usual. Poor thing!! She sure looks cute in her personal sauna. :)