Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'll be honest. This lady does NOT love her a camping trip. Nope. Not really. Nadda. No Thank you! I love hiking. I love biking. I love to explore. I love smores. And night games. I really do love being in the outdoors. But camping. NOT REALLY MY THING! Yes I am shouting. :) It is A LOT of work. And to be honest with you.. the reward for me often times is not big enough for the amount of work. Maybe in a few years I will enjoy it, but for now.. I am so ok with backyard camping and our once a year camping trip. Wahoo Yuba!!
Couple big things this year. This big sand hill was a huge hit.



The water.. always fun times.. .

add a little boat ..

and .. and.. some fishing poles.. makes for an almost perfect trip!

Maybe next year we can get Lola to sleep. She kept checking on everyone.. it was just too much fun having everyone together in the same place at bedtime. It was a tough one! Love her!


Anonymous said...

best campout ever

MaDeb or Deb said...

It looked like alot of fun ....well except for the not sleeping at night! We'll come camp with you next year!! So start gearing up for it! LOL..

Becca said...

Love your pictures!! So beautiful. Esp the fishing ones. So cool! I love your camping trip! What fun memories. Lola is so funny.. she just loved having all of her favorite people in one place! Another great Watson adventure. :)

Anonymous said...

come to think of it... I love these haircuts too... ohhh to have hair...