Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lindon days

I have noticed over the years that I have unintentionally tried to encourage my children to develop the same interest and hobbies that Tim and I have. Maybe it is that whole {A family that plays together ~ stays together}. I don't know .. but so far it is working for us. There was a time when I liked to run. Tim likes to run. During Lindon days we headed down to this little children's race and had a good time.
The boys all lined up. Look at that body language. They are nervous!! Well except for my boy Max. He could really care less. He doesn't like to run.

This kid showed up first. He is my racer ~ This kid is going to be a runner. He is all heart!

Maxie boy was next. He is a shuffler. He just doesn't have heart. Love him.. but no heart. He will find it but right now he doesn't care.

Barrett was right behind him. So close behind him that I almost missed him. He tries so hard! He says he is "Bellybutton." I say "funny boy!" I don't know? :)
Here is my girl. In her skirt. Like usual. {funny girl}

Our youngest runner with her dad. {darling}

I love these days with these special people. {So blessed!}


Anonymous said...

they sure had 'heart'

MaDeb or Deb said...

I'm impressed they all ran~! Way to go ducklets... Lola gets the award for the cutest runner ever. Love her!

Becca said...

Love the meshing of hobbies and loves. :) Genious!! Your runners were the cutest by far. Love them. I need Xander's heart.. Max's intimidation factor at the start line.. Barrett's humor.. Jacq's sense of style... and Lola's hair. They're quite the package. ;) Yay for updates!