Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Oh my.. this little "pumpkin" melts me. She is one spunky kid. Our Lo*bug is definitely our babes! She is spoiled to her core. I just love everything (almost everything) about her. We are entering those terrible twos. {woof} Twos never really got to me .. but the fifth time around I am kind of over the twos! Here are my theories on lots of almost two year old type things. "You don't want to eat.. don't eat.. I am not going to be mad or frustrated but I'm not going to chase you ~ you will eventually eat when you are hungry." OR "You want to have an irrational 2 year old melt down... you go girl. You'll figure it out as I move on with my day!" Here is another one.. "You want to look like a mismatch little lady or wear shoes two sizes too big. You go the heck for it.. because you are my beautiful babes no matter what you wear." The one that kills me every single time. I am a sucker for it. .. "more.." and "more.." and "more.. " at bedtime for "more" songs.. or "rock" meaning will you rock me a little longer? She is the babes so I will always sing one more song.. and one more song.. and one more song. I will never pass up a chance to rock her a little longer. And I will always take an extra snuggle bug hug. It might just mean we need to start bedtime a little earlier.

I am happy to say that even though we have lots of terrible two moments.. we have lots of these quiet happy moments with our Lo*bug. Lots of reading time. Lots of singing with actions. Dancing. Smiles and hugs for everyone. Prayers. She loves to pray. Nice long prayers that prolong bedtime {smarty pants}. Water and swimming. Keeping up with those big kids. She is an all around happy kiddo living in her very own musical. She came into this world living in a musical and I hope that never changes.


MaDeb or Deb said...

That little Lola even melts my little heart! She is so happy and loves her Ma Deb.. Not all 2 year olds love Ma Deb but she does! Love her mushy kisses and great hugs and especially her giggles and smile! She's the cutest darn 2year old ever!! Love love love her!!!!

Becca said...

Love this post.. made me teary!! Love your crazy Lola too. :)

Deanna said...

No more baby mullet!
I heart lola

sugarmama said...
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Jaimee said...

Such a cute post - isn't it funny how the more times you go through the 2yr old phase the less you worry about it - I'm sooo w/you on the throw your tantrum all you want while I keep on w/the day (I do the same thing) also making you eat you'll eat if your hungry enough, GREAT philosophy isn't it - seriously we think so alike I LOVE it! She is beautiful and looks like she is crazy about books and singing, got yourself a smart little girl! BTW we have that same book I saw in your pic - the Ten Little Dinosaurs, w/the wiggly eyes we LOVE that book here in our house :) how fun!