Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first day of school

Lola woke up just in time to tell the "Big kids" good-bye. Everyone had their backpacks on and they were ready to head out the door. Thank goodness Jacq re-gifted one of her old backpacks so Lola could feel apart of the whole "back to school" morning. We literally packed that bag around with us all day. Most of our conversation today consisted of..
LOLA ~ "Jacq..?"
Mom ~ "Jacq's at school."
Lola ~ "oh.. Maxie?"
Mom ~ "Max is at school."
Lola ~ "oh.. Barrett?"
You get the idea.. Than REPEAT!! She was missing all her little buddies. {Alexander she loves you.. she just has the hardest time saying your name. So most days we have two Barretts. :)}
Here is our awesome Watson Crew.

Max {4th grade}

Alexander {2nd grade}
Barrett {2nd grade}
Jacq {1st grade}

Everyone had a great first day. Jacq didn't look back.. she followed the neighbor boy right into class and never looked back. That girl is really something. Full of independence. Alexander and Barrett love love their teacher more than ice cream. And Max stopped begging to be home schooled. I'll take that as a good sign. Lola has been surviving her days with mom and quite likes visits to "Old Grandma's House!"


MaDeb or Deb said...

Awhhhhhh... They're all so cute and growing up way too fast! Love love love them!!

Becca said...

Look at that good looking crew! Can't believe how big all of them are. What a wonderful little family you have. Poor Lo... missing all her buddies. Luke's always available! :)

Anonymous said...

love them haircuts!

Anonymous said...

forget the 2 sign buddy I know your tight little backdoor can take more than 2 inches and I am going to enjoy greasing it up and seeing just how much I can get in you