Monday, August 1, 2011


7*peaks has been a regular hang out for us.. for years. We aren't crazy to go every day, but you can find us there quite often. All 5 kids love going and I love watching the smiles on their faces.
{picture overload}

I love it that these boys make fun out of just about everything. If there is fun to be had they find it. Playing checkers with Gummy bears.

Max is growing up way too fast for this mom. He just kind of does his thing. He checks in here and there and is off doing his thing with whatever brother or friend he can drag along!


Alexander is one of our little daredevils. He couldn't wait to get on the big slides this year. Makes my mommy heart pound just about out of my chest.. every kid.. every year .. every time.

I love it that these two have each other. They are so different in so many ways but are truly the best of friends.. {even if they say they aren't} One of my favorite things to do is to sit on the side lines and watch their interactions. Makes my mommy heart smile.. again and again..

Barrett Boy

When it comes to most things.. if the brothers can do it.. so can Jacq. She is one Krazy.. brave.. tough.. chicka!

I {heart} goggle pictures!

Tim is such a good sport! Best dad EVER. He will go on the toilet slide.. over and over and over again with this crazy girl. And.. she loves it! {Most favorite slide EVER!}
Or take these girlies around the lazy river.. again and again. :)

Lola fits right in with the four older kids. She LOVES the water.. that little fish. She isn't happy unless she is "Swimming." This is Lola "Swimming!!" {Ha}

I could watch this every single day!

And this.. {Precious} This girl is going to be so lost when her built in buddies go to school. Someone is always packing her around. She hearts every single one of them and they her.

I love making memories with my little family. Best time ever. I am so happy. So grateful. So blessed.

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Stephanie said...

I keep hoping to run into you every time we are there. I would love to see you and your family again! I can't believe it's been so long since we've seen you and Tim. I think our kids would have fun together!