Friday, August 27, 2010


The kids have a new favorite place to hang out. We went to Trafalga the other day and spent hours and still managed NOT to do everything. This mom was exhausted and ended the party earlier.. BOO!! If it wasn't for *Baby want some gum?* I may have just lasted longer. I am sure trafalga has not seen the last of the Watsons.
There were bumper boats.Airplane rides.A roller coaster.Merry*go*Round.
Rock climbing.
LAZER TAG!And a super cute Lola loving her big girl world! There were race cars (Jacq is a wild women behind the wheel).. miniature golf.. other little carnival rides. So much fun. My kids give trafalga two thumbs up.


MaDeb or Deb said...

What a fun little outting you guys had! I love that you're such fun parents and are creating such great memories! Love all the pictures and I'm so excited to see the kiddos tomorrow! Love ya all!!

Becca said...

More fun summer memories!! Love it. What is your gang going to do when it snows?! Oh wait... SKI! :) Love all of your adventures!

Deanna said...

um...I totally LOVE Jacq's outfit!!