Sunday, August 22, 2010


We are living up the last few days before school starts. I asked the kids what they wanted to do before school started and they named all the same things we've been doing all summer long.. so I guess they have been having a pretty dang good summer. To mix things up a bit we decided to try out the old classic skating. Two words.. *So much fun!* OK three words..
Everyone had a turn or two on the real skates.. .
but for the most part everyone was pretty happy on their scooters.. .
I was crackin' up when the kids started rockin' out to, Spice girls "Wannabe." Too funny.. apparently it was in the movie "Chicken Little." I was crackin' up as my kiddos would pass me singing, "If you want to be my lover.. you gotta get with my friends.."Lola and I even got in on the fun.. Yep.. I'm a pretty fun mom! :)Lola did her dancing gig for the full two hours or whatever it was that we were there. Where there is music.. there is the Lola booty shake. Good times for sure.


Deanna said...

Auntie Nana says skating is SO MUCH FUN with the Watson kiddies!
PS tell Jacq to score me some free candy prizes, please ha ha

Becca said...

What a blast! Seriously looks like so much fun.

MaDeb or Deb said...

That skating place looks like so much fun!! I've never seen a place where you can take whatever to use to skate with! Love the pictures....especially the one with you skating with Lola in the stroller!