Sunday, August 22, 2010

*Bike crash*

I know.. I know.. I'm so pretty! Pretty freakin' dirty.. pretty freakin' scary.. pretty freakin' tired!Look I am going to make it even bigger just so you can get a good look at all my prettiness.. Is prettiness a word? Today it is..This is what I looked like after the fight I had with a bear. Are you facebook friends with my Timmers? He is a funny one .. .with sometimes very funny humor that no one understands but him (and me). Anyway.... the real story is I crashed my mountain bike but good up at Sundance. I love that place. My heart belongs in the mountains.. . throwing rocks in the river.. yelling *it's not my mom's birthday* to all the animals.. hiking with my whinny kiddos (it's too hot.. are we there yet) ..riding down the single track on a real mountain bike.. skiing down the mountain. .. warming up by the fire.. makes my heart happy just thinking about it.. Any way.. back to my bike crash.. it was totally not my fault. I was going down the fire road and my brakes totally went out on me.. I had no brakes. I kept pumping and I had nothing. So I thought to myself.. *SELF* crash on the rocky fire road or go into the soft cushy meadow.. well that meadow wasn't very soft or cushy.. After two transfers.. (urgent care.. to Timp hospital.. to Utah valley..) I ended up in the hospital over night with two fractures .. nasty road rash (ouch) and stitches in my side.
Tim says, I ought to stick to safer sports.. but a girls got to live and love her life. So last week we went back up to Sundance and we had a blast together.
That's my story. And for the record.. I have a pretty amazing life. *Love my life* Thanks to all our friends and family that stopped by with well wishes.. that help care for our children.. that brought dinner and treats. We are surrounded by such amazing people. XO

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Becca said...

Poor YOU! So glad you're feeling better and hittin the mountain again. Thanks for the heads up on the not-so-cushy meadow! :)