Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I love me a UTAH*Stay*cation. I really so so so love where I live. There is so much to do in such a small radius. When our out of state family showed up we played hard! I think I have over 500 pictures.. Seriously! What I didn't capture behind the lens.. sister did.. so we have it all.. I will highlight the big stuff. ..

Day 1 * We hit Alyssa's pool for hours. When I write hours... I mean hours... the fun lasts for hours on end.
Day 2 * Sundance. I love this place. Again what could have been an hour adventure turned into an all day event. I just love watching everyone enjoy the outdoors.Day 3 * Wood park. This is my kiddos absolute favorite Utah park. We maybe go a couple times a year and this time it was twice as much fun with Auntie on the tire swing.
Day 4 and 5 * YUBA Lake. While most people would call wild winds.. thunder.. lightening and RAIN a bust.. we had a blast. The kids played and played and played non stop for 24 hours. I was a happy mom for sure. I was still recovering from my bike accident so I watched most of the chaos from my lawn chair.
Day 6 * Grandparent visit with picnic. Look at me.. I totally look like security. I'm all dressed in black and I so look in charge with those.. *I'm the boss sunglasses.* Yeah I'm the boss.. ha ha. :)
Pool Party/BBQ. Oh how I wish I had a picture of all the yummy yum food. It was delicious. I do have a picture of how our group took over the kiddy pool. Fun times for sure. Day 7 * Battle Creek Falls. L*O*V*E this hike. L*O*V*E this group!
Seven peaks. Seven water babies. Until next time... xo


Becca said...

You guys seriously go go go! I love it! All of your adventures seemed like a blast. Thanks for letting us be apart. :) How fun to have so much of your family together. You were a trooper.. still recovering and all. Wow. Fun times.

Anonymous said...

top pic the girl on the left has a lovely little arse