Wednesday, February 17, 2010

*colOr cRayOn HeaRts*

The kids really wanted to make their very own valentines this year. . . You know what that means . . . extra work for this mom. Awww. . You know I love it! We decided on *color crayon hearts*
The girls hard at work.
Plenty of work for the boys too.
All done. So excited.
Oh so cute over 100 hearts later!


Mariah said...

that is a super cool idea, I'm definitely hanging on to it for next year! Oh and also...that wall hanging at your grandparents house..."life is fragile, handle with prayer?" My mom has the exact same one at her house! So funny.

Deanna said...

SO much fun! I want to make these next year!

crystal said...

Callie has loved hers!! Such a cute idea!! You go crafty lady :)

Anonymous said...

Super cute idea! You are so creative!

Becca said...

What fun for those girls. They turned out darling as ever. Way to go creative mama!

Ellice said...

What a fun mom you are! Way cute valentines!