Sunday, February 21, 2010

*For my birthday*

These boys have been talking about turning *6* since the day they turned 5!
They love a party. Especially when it is all about them. First things first.
With some of their favorite people. Grandma and Grandpa Watson.
Aunt Lyss.You know who this crazy guy is. Birthday boy #1.Birthday boy #2.Crazy Sissy. This Sissy. . well. . she doesn't love the camera so much. I know what she is thinking, "I'd rather be sleeping!"
*Second* Pirate Island . . .ARRRR. . .
Maxie ARRRR. . .
Lots of games . . . Lots of tickets . . . Lots of prizes. . .Even party hats. . .
= awesome birthday party.


deanna said...

So sad I missed the party! Can we go to pirate island when I come back to Utah? Love you
Auntie Nana

Miles said...

Just catching up on blogs. You guys have been busy. I can't believe the twins are 6!!!! Also, love the valentine color crayon hearts. You guys are always up to fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

love to suck their c==ks