Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Intentions.

Thank goodness for more Valentines days! I really blew it this year. I had a great idea because you know I'm so clever. Or just maybe I saw a really clever idea somewhere. . . Ha!
*We make quite a pair* How cute is that with a pair of ski socks?
I had 5 really good reasons why I did NOT get myself out of the house by myself the week of Valentines day! *Max*Alexander*Barrett*Jacq*Lola*
Love them! So I asked Tim to pick up his own pair of socks. Ha ha. . . the awww moment was going to be in the presentation.
Well. . .(Stutter)... well. .that presentation that never happened. Cute idea/good intentions gone bad.
Oh well. . . I totally scored with my little friends.
Don't worry.
I made it tricky. My little friends went on a search.
We played a little *HOT* *COLD*And I totally scored! Little friends loved their face mask and loved them even more when they weren't freezing on the mountain.
There is always St. Patrick's Day, right? I better start planning now. :)

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Becca said...

How crazy cute are you?! That's so fun!! Love your V-day intentions! We called a "truce"! :) I love it when we do that.