Monday, February 22, 2010

*4 months*

We just love our Lola girl more every day. She is one happy little lady. She always has a smile to share and her sweet soft voice will capture my attention for hours. I have burned many of hours just chatting jiberish with my little friend. Thought I would share some new pictures.
My curious little Lola will follow our daily chaos all over the room. I wish I could say that I am an adamant enforcer of the dreaded tummy time. . But she doesn't like it. . . .so I do what I can. . .12lbs 4 ounces (20th %) * 25.5 Inches (87th %)This girl is a *dream*See Lola at three months.


Becca said...

She's just a doll. I think I say that every time I comment about her! :) Love the sleeping pics. I'm so glad you're not a crazy tummy enforcer.. I don't feel guilty then. Luke hates it too.. so well.. why would I want to make him cry?? :)

Deanna said...

beautiful Lola