Friday, February 12, 2010

Plenty of Pictures!

When my kids hear *Vacation house* they hear three things. . .swim . . .swim. . swim.. . .There was no exception when we headed up to midway this time. . We got in plenty of swim time and I have lots of pictures to prove it. Even *Lola* got in on the action. . .

Tuckered her right out.
*Close up* We were so happy that *Auntie* was there. . And Cousins. . . *Taylor**Hailey* was not so sure about the water/lifevest/water wing thing. . but she sure looked cute. I am a sucker for a crying picture. Aunt Lyss even showed up at the very end.

She even got some good giggles out of *HR*
Another successful visit. *Love this place*

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