Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here are my cute racers. Timmy Tim Tim took these crazy kids to a little race in Lindon. . .
I think this one preferred the park. . .Here is my racer. He has one competitive spirit. . . He may not have crossed the finish line first but he beat big brother Max and that was victory in and of itself.
Poor him. . .Barrett was in flip flops. . . He was still a good sport and ran. . .but flip flops are tricky.This Missy was a little gun shy. The race gun went off and everyone ran. . .and she cried!!! Her like the park. Maybe next year.
YAY for Races, parks and parades all in one day!!

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MaDeb or Deb said...

Yeah for pictures! So glad you are sharing the kids fun adventures! They are really having a fun summer inspite of your poor life on your bedroom throne!! Love You guys