Saturday, August 29, 2009

*First day of school*

My boys were so ready and so excited to start school . . I got to hear all about it from my bed! As much as I dread the end of summer, this year the start of school was a huge relief. Someone (mom and Tim) got some great pics for me to live my little life from my little bed. Oh. . the joys of bedrest. I don't think I need to say more.
Maxie boy 2009 ~ Our big 2nd grader!
Alexander and Barrett . . . can you guess which is which? That is their favorite thing to do these days. Alexander will say, "I'm Barrett!" Whatever! We know who you are and we love you both!In both pictures Barrett is on the Left ~ Alexander on the Right!

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MaDeb or Deb said...

Ohhhhhhh. I sure miss those 3 boys! It was so fun going with them and Tim on the first day of school. The excitement and enthusiasm, of a kindergardner is unbelievable. They were all decked out in their matching clothes and ready to rule the roost in the classroom. Miss you guys.....but I'll see you all soon!