Thursday, August 13, 2009

Piano Recital #2

I was not able to make it to Max's piano recital but. . I got a full report. . .I thought I would share. . .

MOM * "Hey bud, I heard you did really good on your recital"
MAX a little hesitant. * "Well mom, I wouldn't say I did really good, maybe just kind of good."
MOM with a chuckle.. . * "OH yeah. . .why is that?"
MAX * "I got a little messed up . . . but don't worry I figured it out."

Don't you worry. . .his dad caught it all on video to share. I still think he did really good. Little friend put himself back together and started over. Piano has been so good for him. Even after all the tears, the "I don't want to practice's," the "Piano is so boring," it's been worth it. And secretly he loves it.

And I love his bow.


MaDeb or Deb said...

Max the doodle!!! Way to go! You did a really great job. I loved the bow and you sitting on the edge of the bench. Keep practicing because I'll be there in no time and I kinda want me very own recital! Good job bud!

Deanna said...

bow and run off the stage!