Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lazy days of summer

I seriously just love it that summer just happens for a kid. There is no work or preparation it just sunshine and swimsuits.
My pyro children can not get enough of fireworks. All 5 of them. Not the one in my tummy. The big one I call hubby. :)
YEP. I love these days. And. . sun burnt faces. Cheesy grins. Little lady's big belly. Nothing to do but let the hose run . . . no where to go but the swimming pool. I heart summer.


Sabine Berlin said...

I love carefree summer days. Does school really have to start?

Becca said...

Oh.. your pics always make me wish I lived at your house!! :) Always a party.. adventures.. and fun times. You've made me think I need smores too... how did that happen!? :)