Monday, March 3, 2008

Tiny Moment * Day 19

"Lucky Me"
Oh how my heart sings for spring. Just thinking about Spring puts a smile on my face. It is still a little chilly but not so cold I go running for a cup of hot chocolate and not so hot that sweat drips down my face as I step a foot out the front door. I just can't get enough of the giggles and laughter that echos from the children. The joy on my little ones faces when they master a new skill. Max is feeling pretty good about riding his bike and is ready to tag along with his dad. The twins have finally * finally given up their "bubble cars." HAPPY DAY! Jacqualynn Grace is as happy as can be trying to chase her brothers down the street. I on the other hand can not wait to get my hands dirty in the yard. I never in a million years pictured myself as a little gardener. I don't even have the "Haws green thumb." I just like battling the weeds. Or do I? Let me rephrase that. . .I enjoy creating something beautiful in the process of battling the weeds. Happy Happy Day. Didn't I already write that? I am one happy lady. Kids running from here to there with big smiles and constant giggles. I get a front seat to it all. Lucky ME!


Stephanie said...

What a happy entry! It makes me excited for Spring and playing in the me a reason to look forward to mopping off dirty little footprints off my kitchen floor!

Jaimee said...

I'm very jealous, I see that you do not have snow on your lawn. Um why do we still have a foot or possibly more on our lawn? So not fare! But I have seen the sun a lot more lately and I can't agree more I can't wait for spring and the joy it brings to everyone too! Running in this snow is getting pretty old! I just hope I will like yard work as much as you since this will be my first time ever since a child anyway taking care of a yard. I've always had rentals so this will be a new thing for me so I may be asking for some pointers when the time comes;) I'm so happy to hear how happy you are it is so great!!!

Becca said...

Yes.. bring on spring!! I'm so excited! Sounds like we're just as excited as the kiddos! That's such a cute pic too!