Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have this love/hate thing with Halloween. I am sure I have posted about it on here somewhere. I sometimes love Halloween so much I can hardly stand it. I love this part of Halloween. I love it that the children get to be creative a dress up and change their minds and dress up again as many times as they can "think up."

Tony Stark. This was a big deal. This kid started planning Halloween in August. He planned every last little detail and I did my best to make it happy for him.
or a clown because someone was {alot} lazy to dress up for the family party.
Soccer player. I have no idea where soccer player came from. ha! Love Alexander's random little spirit.
Ummm.. and a robber.. This could have been so much cooler if I had put a little more effort into it. He isn't into the details like Max is. Maybe next year I will work with him. :)
One day Barrett was a missionary with his dad.. {very cool}
and another day a scary Zombie....
Jacq the cat {again}. I think we are on like year 3 of being a cat. So pretty.
There was no question in my mind what Lola was going to be. .. Not a Cat like Jacq.. Oh no.. a "kitty kat" for sure. {Meow}
Happy Halloween!

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Alyssa said...

Love all the costumes. I have heard all about them but so fun to see the pics. The group shot is great :)