Thursday, November 22, 2012


Gratitude is something we try to talk about in our home all year round.. grateful for our family.. and our house.. and clothes to keep us warm.. and food to eat.. and other little things.. like no arguing on a car ride.. or socks without holes.. or the sun shinning.. etc.. During the month of November I set a notebook on the table and called it our family gratitude book. I loved how we filled those pages with all the things we were grateful.. every single day..

 Here are some of our gratefuls. I am grateful for.. *YOU. (mom) *Food. (Alexander) *House. (Barrett) *good family. (Jacq) *Clothes. (Jacq) *Worms. I like worms. (Lola) *Awesome Nieces and Nephews. (Auntie) *everyone. (Taylor) *Lola's happy Dance. (mom) *Mom and Dad. (Barrett) *Children's testimonies. (Dad) *Grandchildren. (Gpa Watson) *Pets (Max) *Mom and Dad. (someone?) *thankful book. (Barrett) *Warm November days. (Mom) *Animals like dogs and bunnies and hippos. (jacq) *Me (Max) *electronics. (Max) *Electricity. (Max) *Family and Jesus. (Hailey) *I am thank you for my Daddy, my Hailey, my jewlery. (Lola) *I am thank for Hershey and Carlos. (Auntie) *Animals (Barrett) *Beds. (Max) *Candy (Max) *Books (Max) *Hershey. (Alexander) *Piano. (Barrett) *Scouts. (Barrett) *friends. (Barrett) *warms Socks. (Auntie Nana) *shows. (Alexander) *School. (Barrett) *words. (Barrett) *colors. (Barrett) *Gym time. (MOM) *Rainbow. (Lola) *For being a mom. (mom) *For life, and the world, and air. (Jacq) *Animals. (Lola) *Chips. (Jacq) *for the gym. (again.. Mom) *water - so we don't all stink. (Jacq) *blessings. (Jacq) *Hot showers. (Mom) *Potatoes. (Alexander) *Toothbrush and toothpaste. (Barrett) *Science. (Max) *Quiet nights. (Dad) *Grateful I'm not the turkey. (Dad)

 There you have it.. I was going to keep going.. but I decided to move on.. More gratefuls next year. We were so lucky to be invited to Aunt Jen and Uncle Ross's house in Midway for Thanksgiving dinner. They just recently moved back to Utah after being homeless for almost a year. It is very fun to have them back..
Lo*bug and I.

Jacq relaxing.
Crazy Uncle Ross.
Cole guy.
Sissy and JD.
Taylor Jade.
Barrett.  {Long hair ~ don't care}
Max again.
Uncle Jon and Jax.
Baby Jax. He will probably be 10 and the Watson children will still call him "Baby Jax." :)
Aunt Lyss and HR. Gobble Gobble.
Crazy. (again)
The Mr. and I.
Happy Happy. Gobble Gobble.

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