Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lola Birthday

Happy Birthday sleepy girl. The big kids were so anxious to celebrate our little night owls birthday. Every one of them is up bright and early.. but NOT our Lola EVER! This girl has not been a good sleeper for years. She is not a morning person at all.. (Proof here).

She sure put on a happy smile for her special day.
Birthday breakfast...
And presents with lots of helpers.
We met up with cousins at Thanksgiving Point for lunch and cupcakes. (Thanks Auntie for spoiling Lola).
Our little group. (kind of). :)
That night we had birthday cake. Lola insisted on rainbows and horses.. So together we got to work.
 and worked.
And worked. She is a good little helper. Very determined to help with everything!
Pleased as punch.
Happy Birthday to our Lola girl. We sure love her.
The rainbow.
The Birthday Crew.

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Alyssa said...

Love this spunky lady! :) She was just the right about of spice added to your family the day she was born :) Love her!!!!