Saturday, October 20, 2012

jacq's Birthday

We don't just have birthdays around here.. it seems we celebrate all week long. Birthday breakfast. Birthday at school. Birthday party. Birthday outing. etc.. It's pretty awesome to have a birthday around our house. Here we go.
Birthday Breakfast. Breakfast buffet with the Watsons. We always always do the breakfast thing. Cake is sometimes optional. Parties are scattered. The one thing the children can ALWAYS count on is the breakfast of their choice with a candle on top. 
Birthday Party. Aunt Lyss put on the most amazing birthday party for Jaxson and Jacq. These two share a birthday. They really are the bestest buddies separated by 6 years. I am going to post a couple pics but sissy always rocks her blog.. See here for a more in depth Birthday Party post.
Instead of a friend Birthday party, this girl opted for a Mommy Date. YEAH!! I was pretty excited that I occasionally rate above friends. We decided to go to Color me Mine and get our "Art on." I can't find one stinkin' picture from our super fun time. I have really been pretty bad about recording our family history for 2012. :(
It was a very fun 7th birthday for Jacq. Happy Birthday to my #1 girl!

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Alyssa said...

Happy birthday to the Gracer girl! Just love her and love that she always the sweetest with Jax. He truly just adores her. :)