Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swim Team

This year we decided to put our four oldest on the Lindon Swim Team. Of course there are several reasons behind this decision. We are very purposeful/thoughtful in most decisions regarding a large expense/parenting. Here you go; 1. all the children can do the same sport at the same time. I only do one drop off for four children. I like that. 2. Swimming is a very important skill to have. There are so many adults that do not feel comfortable in the water and while it is not life threatening to not be comfortable in the water.. it is a skill that I think would be fun for them to have. 3. It has been so much fun for them. They are not the most competitive bunch but it has been a great time to improve in the water. {Go Team Watson!}
There was a meet on Saturday and we decide to give it a go.. 
Jacq was first because she is in the under six category. Jacq is a very graceful backstroke swimmer. She prides herself on her backstroke. Even though she doesn't always get first she is always beautiful doing it and she knows it. To Jacq that is probably what matters most.
 Next are Alexander and Barrett. These pictures are kind of foggy but I just had to post them. (someday I may have to figure me out a good editing program. :)) Anyway.. look at those two. They are at it again.
 CAN NOT.. for the life of them.. just sit there like every other kid... (sorry Tim)
 They have to poke.. and touch.. and be crazy. Just in case you are wondering.. that is my life with these two..
 Oh my .. love these two. They are getting ready to hop in..
Alexander - he is the most competitive of the bunch. He could really care less about beating anyone but his brother.. ugh! Bless his heart.
 Barrett. Oh this soul is so sweet. He would just about give away his heat ribbon to ease Alexanders competitive spirit. Barrett tries hard and with swimming has been an inch or two ahead of Alexander.
 This is one of my favorite pictures. Love it! Both boys on the swim blocks.
 Here is their backstroke start.. Alexander. (red goggles)
Barrett boy. (Blue goggles)
Here they are.. they both have better form in the backstroke but prefer Free style by a mile. I thought is was very fun that they were next to each other in each race.
Alexander during free style.
 All done-
 Barrett finished first in the backstroke. Go Barrett!! It made him smile. But it didn't seem like a huge deal to him. He was more concerned that Alexander was going to be OK - Alexander kind of stole the glory from him because he was so distraught about losing. This is where  parenting twins can be tricky. Tim and I had to make sure Barrett understood that it was awesome that he placed first and to be excited about his accomplishment. At the same time to help Alexander see that there will be more races and more ribbons. And there just so happened to be a group of boys his age putting together a relay. Alexander ended up getting a ribbon too-  phew.

 The boys together..

 Just love their little speedos!
On to Max. Bless his heart. He is such an awesome kid, but there is NOT one single competitive bone in his entire body. He sure is cute though. And has gone to swim practice every day without complaint and loved it!
And he is so social! The things I am learning about my Max. He just makes friends every where he goes. I have had glimpses of this Max before. For the most part he is pretty quiet .. he just kind of goes with the flow. But in social settings he seems outgoing, friendly.. and in his element. So maybe swimming for Max is more social than about winning.
 Max getting ready! Glad to see his goggles on - :)
 Swimming Max
Here is my Bugga. Shall we bless her little heart too?? She has been dying this Summer season. She loves the water and swimming more than just about anything. She wakes up in her swim suit and at the end of the day she falls asleep in her swim suit. Every day on the way to swim practices she cries.. and cries..  and tells me all about how she is going to ride the "slide" and "wim!" I can not forget that she is 7!!!! One day I made the mistake of telling her she had to be seven to be on swim team. Lola is an elephant!! She doesn't forget a thing.. To anyone and everyone that asks her she is now seven.  She actually did pretty good at the swim meet. She loved to be around all the commotion.

Here is my attempt at a group shot! You know how those go. This is how this one ended up. I gave up. :)
 And went for something more like this. They actually stood still for this one.
The end. Go Team Watson! 


MaDeb or Deb said...

What a great blog of all your little swimmers! I loved looking at each one as they swam or wrestled a brother. Lola cracks me up every time I ask her how old she is.. She's relentless and 7 every time!! No waiver, no anything...just I'm 7 Deb!!! Love her!!!! Thanks for sharing so I can feel apart of their busy little lives!

Alyssa said...

Love these little fish so much! You should really stop buying them real summer clothes and just get them lots and lots of swimming suits! ;) So awesome they are enjoying & thriving in swim team!!! (And what a great skill to have for life!)

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Anonymous said...

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