Monday, June 25, 2012

Bryce Canyon

I finally dusted off my camera and started taking pictures!! Wahoo!! It has been a real problem. The whole not taking pictures thing.. a problem. The only problem with whipping that baby out is that I love all my pictures!! We decided to take a mini vacation down to Southern Utah. My friend told us about this fun place right outside Bryce Canyon where you can stay in Teepees and camp. FUN?! Now if you know me.. you know that I am NOT much of a camper at all. I decided to take one for the team and give it a go. I think we all decided that we are NOT a camping family. Even though we are NOT big campers I have to say that it was still so awesome!! It isn't every day that you get to sleep in a teepee.. but we probably won't start camping every weekend.

This lady LOVED camping!! She might as well of ran around naked and rolled in the dirt. Wait she pretty much did all two days that we camped. She was in camping heaven.. yep.. LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE. OF. IT!!
Bryce canyon was breathe taking. Really incredible. I really enjoyed hiking in it.. exploring.. and even just driving around in the AC. This is my attempt at a photo with our 5 children .. They are crazy!! I'm not sure yet if they are crazy in a good way! I will have to get back to you on that one.
 That is a little better.
 The next morning these two pyros were up bright and early doing the fire thing. Pretty much loving their world.
 The girls in the teepee! This is pretty much how Lola wakes up every morning. She is NOT.. I repeat NOT a morning person! She is really in the wrong family to be a night owl.. but darn it.. she is!
 The boys!
 We decided that even though it was very hot we still needed to see Bryce Canyon and hike around a bit. There was a hike that was definitely too HOT .. too LONG... and too HARD for for our crew, but we did it anyway. I am so glad we did. We were able to hike right down into the Hoodoo's. It was incredible.
 As you can see Jacq was pretty excited about camping/hiking/being super HOT on vacation. :)
 There she is.. she found herself a smile!
Say Cheese!
 People made Hoodoos!! Wahoo! We stopped and made a few but my camera died!
 This was our hike up! Woof. In the shade it wasn't too bad. Once you hit the sun, it got HOT.. really HOT .. really fast!!
This was on another hike.. these two.. I tell you.. they just can't be "normal" EVER!!! 
 It makes me smile..
 And slow down a little..  I know I need to slow down and enjoy these funny random moments....
 Max is starting to be a big helper and we love it!! He is just a good nature d boy!
I love her freckles. Cutest freckles ever.. Those cute brown specs on her nose. Love them.
My Bugga. My spunk. She is my firecracker. I will forever stay young with this lady around.
We can't go anywhere and not find a pool to play in.. so we did lots and lots of swimming while we were at Bryce Canyon.. Oh.. how I love Goggle pictures!! Love them!!
More love for them..
I just can't stop posting them..

Ok.. moving on.. here is my fearless Bug. She loves the water.. Every. Single. Day. she wants to go to the pool!!
One more of her because she is right in her element.
Oh! Oh! Oh! The only think I love more than goggles are bum bitters.. Ha!
This is kind of turning into an "all about Lola"  post. GO Lola!
 On to the boys.. This day was trick day at the pool.. Oh yeah baby...
I even have one picture with no goggles.. what is wrong with me?? Love him posing for my camera.
The little town outside Bryce Canyon had some fun tourist things..  I like this one..  Free babysitting?
This one made me chuckle.. those two.. they are sure buddies sometimes..
Now that was a lot of pictures!! What a trip.. there may have been a little bickering... and whining about the dirt.. and heat.. and sweat.. and camping.. but overall it was a pretty awesome trip. It's not every day you get to stay in a teepee.. and hike through the hoodoos!!


Alyssa said...

I'm dying, absolutely dying! I love, love, love the cute pics and descriptions of your trip and kids. They seriously are the cutest kids!!! What a fun adventure for you and your family!!! :) Glad you survived the heat.

MaDeb or Deb said...

I love love this blog! Where do I even begin to comment! There are so many great pictures, funny faces, beautiful scenery, beautiful grand babies, an awesome Teepee and you actually camped! That must be the Ma Deb in you! I do love a good camping trip. and in a tent. I can't believe that you camped in that heat but what great memories your family will have. Thanks so much for sharing and for all the great pictures. I keep looking and re-looking at each and everyone. Just can't get enough of the 5 ducks!!!