Friday, June 29, 2012


Soon after we pulled into the driveway from our St. George trip we hit the ground running with "life." It started with Karate for Jacq. This spunky lady tested for her first belt and was so excited when she passed. She is really loving karate and it has been a real good boost for her.
This is her in action.

Another one.
 Getting her white/yellow belt.
 My karate girl.
 One more for giggles.
Next was scouts. My Maxie boy got his bear that night! As you can see I had no clue he was being awarded. These are the awesome "comfy" clothes I pulled out of the dirty laundry to ride home in from St. George. The clothes I unpacked in. Ran to karate in. Need to get out of and take a shower - in. Wait this isn't about me or my nasty clothes. I was proud of my Max. He sure loves being a scout! It has been a fun 10 months being his substitute scout leader. Our schedule didn't work for him to attend scouts with his troop. :( Boo!! Next year we are going to try harder to plan around scouts so he can be more apart.
Tim had a work party that night!! The children thought they were in heaven with face painting. It was pretty fun to watch them hum hoe over what they would have painted on their faces. They liked their choices so much, they were trying their darnedest to figure out how to keep their faces painted forever!! Well.. all the children except for Alexander. He was totally freaked out about the paint. I took all kinds of pictures so they would never ever forget how cool they were.
Iron man Max. He is big into Iron man right now. So much so that he tells me he is going to be Iron man when he grows up. He is going to invent "stuff" and be Iron man!
Barrett had both sides of his face painted. A shark eating fish on one side..
 And a snake on the other.. (both very Barrett of him).
Jacq. She also had both sides of her face painted!! She is all girl down to her core.  Except when it comes to karate. She likes being able to put her brothers in head locks.
And buggy! Jacq decided for Lola that she wanted rainbows. Lola could have cared less. She is way more concerned about being seven!!! More on that later..  here is our beautiful Whiskey Tango. More on that one later too! I really do love this age/stage.
 I was sure glad to hit my pillow that night. Busy fun day.


Alyssa said...

Oh my sisser you and your cute fam seriously NEVER stop!!! First, go Jacq!!!! So excited for her and so proud of her. :) She is such an awesome girl. Second, go Max (I really just want to call him Doodle-Bop until he is married with kids of his own ;)). He is getting so big and is such a good kid (I mean he is practically a man!). Lastly, love all those cute faces, paint and all. Thanks for sharing your most recent craziness of life! :)

MaDeb or Deb said...

What a great fun, busy, family! Way to go Goose!! THAT'S SO EXCITING ABOUT YOUR NEW BELT! I can hardly wait to come watch you be the "karate kid" again. Love all the great face paintings and way to go Max with Scouts! You are the king of the scouting and such a great example to your brothers! I love that you're blogging again! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful adventures. I know it's a lot of work but you have such a great time in life and I love to follow it!! Love You!