Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patricks Day

I never take enough pictures. EVER. This holiday (??) is no exception. I write (??) because I wouldn't really consider St. Patrick's Day a holiday to make a big fuss over?? The children were so stinkin' excited about St. Patrick's Day that we decided to party on!! This mom loves any reason to celebrate. The children built trap after trap after trap.. they built traps the entire afternoon before St. Patrick's Day.. they were catching that leprechaun. All five stinkers woke up to 8 empty traps, but found that the leprechaun left a little Scavenger hunt for them (Thank you pinterest). They giggled and ran all over the house reading the clues trying to figure out were to go next. The clues finally lead them to an awesome treasure.. Maybe they will get that sneaky leprechaun next year!

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