Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soldier Hollow!

Going to this place once a year has started to kind of become a tradition. My Max likes himself traditions. He likes to identify traditions.. and tell everyone.. "this is one of our traditions." This year the weather was a little tricky. I don't know if there was ever a super good day to go. It was a way warm weather. The hill was super slushy. It was the slowest hill ever. Even though the hill was not a up to par.. the children still had a blast. That means I had a blast too. They found a little hill of their very own and played their little hearts out.  

I heart these two. I think they share a brain. "They are like one!" Just ask them. 
Go Barrett Boy! 
Our pack mule!
I heart "tradition boy."
The little hill.. 
Snow angels.
Sissy with jax.
I heart her glasses. love. This girl is so much fun these day.
Cousin buddies.
Lola Marie
Cole guy! 
Crazy! This one is mine.
The babies..
This picture of Jen cracks me up. She is an awesome Auntie pulling the littles up and down the hill.
Max is such a helper. Love that. 
Cole guy!
Taylor Jade! 

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