Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Potty Training.. again..

We are back at it. This time I decided to have Lola potty train Lola's baby. It worked great!! Baby potty trained so fast and so did Lola for that day. The only problem.. if I am not all over her all the time she wets.. or even worse.. yep.. I can't even write it. She can do it.. She will go to the potty.. and tell the entire world about it. "Oh yeah!" Lola even has this super cute potty dance. BUT.. She just gets super busy and it's all over. So we had a great day.. but we are back in our diapers. Dang it. I wish she would be like Jacq and just potty train herself. Suggestions?? OK.. I'll start on Monday. ha!

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Jen Anderson said...

I started pottytraining Lucy today for the 3rd time I think. #5 is so hard because you just want them to GET IT! I wish I had a suggestion for you, but alas I do noT! But if you do get any good advice or ideas, let me know would ya?!
good luck!!!