Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grandma Time ♥

I had the unique opportunity to spend the weekend with my grandma.. not just stop in and check on her.. but spend the night .. care for her kind of weekend. It was a privilege and an honor I will never forget and always be grateful for. It was mostly, me, Grandma, Jacq, and Taylor. Tim, Lola, and the boys would pop in and check on us.. but mostly it was a "girls" weekend. The girls.. and by the "girls" I mean all of us!! Grandma was right there with these two crazy girls chiming in.. insisting she be apart of everything. We did everything from *coloring * beads * nails * cookies * movies * pizza * lots of "Fox news" * popcorn * visits with Grandma's friends * math games * bath times * gymnastics * brownies * clean up * reading * funny faces * lots of funny faces! * Bedtimes * and even more bedtimes *
It was fun! An experience I will never forget! I love you Grandma!

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Becca said...

How sweet.. you'll cherish those memories forever.. as will the girls. Neat.