Sunday, December 11, 2011


Happy Gingerbread Party. This is one of my favorite traditions. I love any excuse to have a party.. and gingerbread are fun.. and Christmas time is super duper fun.. . This is us.. minus Grandma Lettie.

This is us .. CRAZY!!
We usually have some sort of Dinner.. This year we had bread bowls and soup.. It turned out pretty good.. YUM!

And a snickers salad Max and I prepared as a pass off for scouts.
 Here are some fun pics of my crew.. The mister.. {love him and his craziness.}
 MEEEEEEE! Cheeeeeese..
 Maxer. He be loving our soup.

Alexander. Cheesin'' for the camera.

Barrett Boy and his creation.
Jacq. She is so stinkin' creative. Love her.
Lola. She was the happiest when she had her mouth full of candy. So she was pretty much happy as can be all night long. This Lola girl is a big time sugar bug!
 I wanted to add a picture of our Grandma. She went home before our group pictures. We try to drag her to all our fun parties. Thanks for being a good sport Grandma. We love you.
 Lastly.. our creations. Yeah for another successful party!
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