Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hoogle Zoo

 Usually when we go to the Zoo this is pretty much what I end up seeing. .. the backside of my children... They LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE the zoo.. This time I managed to get some fun pictures of everyone..

 They are all kind of looking. Kind of.
 Besties. {Jacq and Taylor}
 Alexander.. Wait.. elephant. .
 I think i laughed at this for at least 5 minutes. GROSS!! It's the smell of Elephant poo! Ha! And gross!!
 Barrett Boy
 Some Group pics. Watson children.
 We packed hot chocolate and snacks. YUM! Good idea Mom! :)
 She always had a helper or two. Love her. Love that everyone is ready to be a Lola helper.
 Bunch of monkeys!
 Tay Tay.
 Cute Hay.
 One last group shot!
What fun! Thanks Auntie/cousins for playing with us!

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