Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lola meets the Kids.

Are you done with Lola pictures yet?? Well we love this little girl so much. We can't get enough of her. Promise . . .the next post won't be "baby."

With the H1N1 virus swarming the kids were not able to visit Lola and I at the hospital. The hospital said, "No kids under the age of 14." While I totally understand it was still no fun to not see my other babies. Once my baby . .. always my baby. Any way. . . once we arrived home the kids couldn't get enough of Lola. They love this little girl as much as I do. I have four little helpers. Four friends that want to hold her. 8 little hands to give her a pacifier. Eager helpers that want to bring me diapers. If she whimpers, they find me. Every single one of them can't imagine life without her.


Becca said...

Oh oh oh.. she's sooo cute!! You can really tell how tiny she is in these pics. Adorable little Lola. I love that you have so many helpers! Want to spare one?? :) Does she look like Jacq as a baby?? I'm so bad at the "who they look like" game.. so just a guess?? Love the pics. And no, we're not tired of baby Lola pics or baby posts!! :)

Anonymous said...

hi sweet pumpkin wanna come with me I will take off your cute little knickers and show your where baby sis came from, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm touch you and make you feel real good do big girl stuff with you