Friday, October 23, 2009

The rest of my story

Honestly, I was feeling a little embarrassed that nothing "crazy" had happened during my hospital stay. I was starting to feel as though my emotional melt down landed me in the hospital for no good reason. Until Friday morning at 3am. . . .It happened. . . another "Episode." They always made my heart skip a beat. There was nothing out of the ordinary. This was like every other bleed I had. These "episodes" were becoming very consistent and i could count on one every 4-7 days. As normal as they had become in this pregnancy they still made me uneasy. The nurses hooked "us" up to the monitors. One to track baby's heart beat and one to track contractions. I tried my best to go back to sleep but I was having pretty consistent contractions. A few hours later I could feel another "episode" coming on. How? I don't know. I never had any indication any other time. I called my nurse. Once I sat up in bed it was "episode" after "episode" after "episode." All over the bed. . all over the floor. . all over the bathroom. Looking back I don't know how I should have felt. Embarrassed? Stressed? Worried? For some reason I felt calm and as they put baby back on the monitor I felt comforted as I heard her consistent heart beat. The nurses were all buzzing around me. They were prepping me for surgery. IV this. Call the Dr. Clean that. Is the room prepped? ETC. . I called Tim. The nurses called the Doctor. Who Thankfully happened to be "in house." In no time at all I was prepped for surgery. Tim gave me a blessing. And off we went.The surgery went probably as normal as any cesarean. I felt no pain. Not even the spinal block. Once the surgery started I felt some pulling and tugging. . . and. . and. . then some crying. Yes crying. What a relief. I couldn't stop smiling. Never been so happy in my life to hear a baby cry. My whole body was so happy. And . . I just kept smiling.

The big question?? What was going on in there?? And there were answers. Kind of. Apparently it was a big mess. The placenta had scars from tearing away from the uterine wall. And the doctors saw the new fresh tear. It was definitely a placental abruption. Baby was just fine. . . perfect. . .her water was nice and clear and all of these complications had no ill effects on her or her development. Born at 36 weeks and perfect. We are so grateful that she is here with us and that the stress of this pregnancy is over. When we count our blessing we are sure to count all the friends and family that supported us. . . Thanks you friends.

Lola all cleaned up.


My Many Coloured Days said...

So glad all went well and Lola is perfect. (Lola was my doll's name when I was a little girl!)

I have never seen a baby so stretched out before - not all cuddled and bunched up! She was obviously ready to get out and stretch and try to keep up with those older siblings!!!

Holly said...

She is just perfect!!! Congrats!

Becca said...

Wow... Lola's story is a crazy one. We're so happy that she's here, healthy and that you can snuggle with her now. Love all the pics. Wow. What a journey. You both made it!!

Ellice said...

Oh my goodness... I am so glad you were in the hospital! What an amazing journey this little one has had. So glad that she is here... healthy. She is adorable. The kids look so happy to have her home. Congratulations!

Jaimee said...

WOW so glad I checked your blog! Loved the video of her special! You guys look so incredibly happy and so in love w/her I'm sure! I'm glad it all went perfectly and you are healthy and off bed rest -- YAY finally! Hope your enjoying her while she's so little--it sure doesn't last long enough!