Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lola meets the Kids.

Are you done with Lola pictures yet?? Well we love this little girl so much. We can't get enough of her. Promise . . .the next post won't be "baby."

With the H1N1 virus swarming the kids were not able to visit Lola and I at the hospital. The hospital said, "No kids under the age of 14." While I totally understand it was still no fun to not see my other babies. Once my baby . .. always my baby. Any way. . . once we arrived home the kids couldn't get enough of Lola. They love this little girl as much as I do. I have four little helpers. Four friends that want to hold her. 8 little hands to give her a pacifier. Eager helpers that want to bring me diapers. If she whimpers, they find me. Every single one of them can't imagine life without her.

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Becca said...

Oh oh oh.. she's sooo cute!! You can really tell how tiny she is in these pics. Adorable little Lola. I love that you have so many helpers! Want to spare one?? :) Does she look like Jacq as a baby?? I'm so bad at the "who they look like" game.. so just a guess?? Love the pics. And no, we're not tired of baby Lola pics or baby posts!! :)