Monday, October 26, 2009


Happy Birthday Jacq!
Jacq had a birthday breakfast this year. YAY and loved every minute of it. The night before Tim blew up massive balloons and put them all over Jacq's floor. This was hours of fun and prob by far her favorite gift this year.


Kai and Amy said...

Congratulations on baby number 5! Lola is just as beautiful as all of your other babies!

deanna said...

She was STILL trying to get me to buy her things for her birthday when I took them out today! Love her!

Ellice said...

Happy BIrthday Jacq!!! I can't believe she is already four!! Amazing!!! She is growing up so fast... already to be the big sister :).

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday to Jacq! The balloons sounded like a lot of fun! I loved all the pics of little Lola, she is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story, I'm glad everything went well and that you and Lola are both doing great. My computer won't let me watch the little video you have posted right now, so I'll try again later. :)

deanna said...

PS I love Mx's Pokemon shirt. Someone cool must've bought it for him.