Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gobble Gobble

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The children are grateful and this is what's for. . . . . .
Jacq ~ Dora (the cute way she says Dora,that makes me laugh every times), Princess (prapra), shoes, mine!, and mama. *Oh I love her*
Barrett ~ Apple School, Blueberries, Diego, Him (pointing to Xander), and Daddy
Xander ~ Buzzlight, Bubblebee (transformer), flowers to give to mom, school, and car song.
Max ~ Family, learning at school, the planets "You know how when it is darks here, it is sunny for other people," doors, and good friends.
**I am grateful that my children are grateful. It may be for transformers, doors, MINE! and him, but they are grateful and that makes me grateful.**

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Anonymous said...

Oh CUTE!!! Are those the cutest turkey's ever. I love the kid's gratitude list! It makes me so thankful and lonely for them....and also for you two.. The things you create and do with your kids are so clever and imaginative. You should be voted momma of the year! Those four little ducks are pretty lucky to have such great parents! Love and Miss you guys...