Sunday, November 11, 2007

Favorite Taylor!

Talk about lots of fun and BIG personality. Love this little girl and all her unlimited amounts of energy. She had Aunt Jen and I ping ponging off the wall. 'Can I chase you?' 'Do you want to hold me?' 'Let's play lion'. Yes. . .I was crawling around on the floor, roaring. We exercised. . until the camera came out . . then everything had to come to a complete halt. We sang songs. . . laughed all day long . . . gave rocks. . . it has been way too much fun. Some of the things Taylor says are well worth writing down. . . . they make me chuckle. I thought you might get a good laugh as well.
*Taylor ran in on Aunt Jen in her underwear, *Oh those make me so HAPPY!* You can't even imagine the drama that goes into every syllable. You haven't seen drama until you've seen Taylor.
*Everything in Tay's world is sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL! Full of overflowing excitement she says, "OH, That is soooooooo beautiful." Whether it is a goodie bag, my sweatshirt, or a present for her sister everything and I mean everything is sooooo Beautiful.
*This rambunctious 2 year old not only never stops, but she also has OCD about washing her hands. . .before we do anything together I hear, "Wait Auntie, I have to wash my hands. . ." I am pretty sure 20 times a day we are washing hands.
*We were talking all about Taylor's world and her many friends when she said. . . "Grandma Disneyland is one of my best friends." I guess I need to take notes from Grandma Disneyland to make the best friend list.
I wish I could claim taking and dolling up this incredible bubble picture, but that is all Jen. She is the genius in the family. So grateful I could spend time with the Goodwins. I will miss them so much, but am starting to get anxious to get back to my little wild monkeys.


Jen said...

I want to come back and play!! :) I can't believe the energy miss Tay has, she wore me out! :)

Frankie said...

I'm sure Taylor misses her Aunties like crazy! How fun! Hope to see you soon.

My Many Coloured Days said...

Will Aunt Jen share her bubble picture taking secret? Taylor is adorable. Glad I could finally get back onto your blog (thanks for the invite:)

Anonymous said...

What great pictures!! It looks like the Aunties had SOOO much fun and I have a feeling Tay had an absolute blast! I'm glad I'm still one of her best friends!! I just love that little monkey along with all the other little monkeys in my life. Thanks for sharing!