Saturday, November 17, 2007

Can't get enough

Tim and I spent a surprise night of fun out of town. LOL. . .when I type "out of town" I make it sound all dramatic like we did something spectacular. In reality we did the Watson standard. . shopped, ate, and relaxed. :) It was great to get away. . .I love those little ones of mine, but a nice break with my Tim is always welcomed. I know Tim likes to spend time with me and honestly I am pretty sure he can not get enough of me. By the time Saturday early afternoon rolled around he could not get home fast enough. He was missing his boys like no other. I know ~ I know not fair. . what about Jacq??!? Anyway, he just wanted to take his boys bowling.. . *random*. . . so he did. Jacq and I were lucky enough to intrude and tag along for boys bowling and donuts.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I do need to visit. Those little ducks are growing and changing way too fast. Love the bowling balls and especially the shoes!! Save me a donut!!! Miss you guys and love you all.