Sunday, November 18, 2007


I would not consider myself an expert in environmental issues or even a tree hugger, but I do what I can ~ when I can do it! I just love love love these earth friendly bags from Costco. I purchased three for just over $1 each. The deal was even more sweetened when I realized I won't have to make many little trips back and forth from my car when carrying in my goods. If you happen to run into me at Target, Albertsons, anywhere shopping . . .look for my green. GO GREEN!


Becca said...

That's pretty cool!! I've been to Costco a million times this past week and haven't noticed them. Weird! Good idea... and inspiring..:)

Anonymous said...

Love the bags. I tried mine out yesterday and they were the best. I carted our entire Thanksgiving dinner up to Washington in them and nothing ripped, broke or fell apart. Yeah for the bags! Thanks for telling us about them.

J Glazier said...

Hey, glad your public again! I just bought these too, great idea and great deal!