Friday, August 10, 2012

Nickel City

We decided to take advantage of the library reading program this summer. Read books = coupons to do fun activities around town. Usually we just let them expire and they end up in the trash. Not this year.. we fit a couple things in. The children were loving these little outings. This one was to the Nickel City..

Picking out treasures.. 
I could not get Lola off this thing.. Woof.. 
I'm not quite sure what goes through that little head of hers.. 
Nope.. no idea.. 
Or that mothers of her.. where is her mother.. ??
Hello??!?! Oh.. that's me.. taking pictures.. 

Opps! We had to switch things up fast before they kicked us outta that place..
Much better.. 
This works too.. 
I honestly didn't see much of Jacq. She was just off doing her thing. Whatever it is that 6 year olds do.. 
Hi Dad!

Alexander and Barrett had a fun time playing around on all the games.. 
Until they found out about this machine.. then it was all over.. 
They were all about the jackpot
 The more tickets the better.. and they learned how to collect on this guy.
 Happy boys winning lots of tickets.
 Then there was Max. He was all about the Mastery. He just knew he could beat this game. 
I walked by again.. still there.. 
You guessed it.. the ENTIRE time.. 
This is NOT my idea of a super duper fun outing.. but the children were in heaven and that was what these around town outing were all about.. NOT me.. but them.. until next summer..

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