Friday, August 3, 2012

Best Friends

I don't think it matters what age you are.. the ZOO is just plain fun!! SO. MUCH. FUN! We decided to head up there when Ma Deb came to town. Wahoo!! We love it when Ma Deb comes to town.
Alyssa with her babes!
Alyssa and Ma Deb! We love it when Ma Deb comes to town. Wait.. 
I think I already said that.. we like it that much! :)
Me and Sissy! We brought our strollers to pack our coolers around. No one (Lola and Hailey) wanted a "free ride" at the zoo.. there is way too much running/playing/seeing going on.. 
(It's true that stroller is over 10 years old.. YIKES ~ I'm getting OLD!!)
I didn't get a whole lot of good pictures.. I mostly just see this.. yep.. the backside of everyone..
I love this one.. the children were so engaged! All 8 of them.
Let's do some "best friends" pictures.. If those smiles don't say, "Best Friends!" I don't know what does.. 
Oh yeah.. "Best friends!"
More.. "best friends.. " Aren't cousins the BEST!!?!
These two are "best friends" for sure.. {Jacq and Jax..} 
Jacqualynn will pretty much do anything to be with her little buddy.. "BEST FRIENDS!"
{bonus} Jacq gets to be with Ma Deb too! "Best friends!"
Umm.. "Best friends" for sure.. This lady somehow always ends up being with her Auntie.
Nothing spells "Best Friends" like .. BROTHERS!! 
They don't get that yet.. but someday they will be the bestest of friends!
Just freakin' love this one.. one as in.. just freakin' love my Max. No best friends here.. Just my number 1.
And my "Best friend" girl.. after all.. we are "Best friends!" If you don't believe me.. just ask her... 
"Mom .. you are my best friend!!" Life is pretty sweet.. I get that every day.. all day.. these days..
The Zoo.
The end.

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