Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of School

I have this love/hate relationship with the first day of school .. the entire school year actually. I super duper triple miss having my children home during the day.. all day.. to argue.. and fight.. and pick at each other.. really I do. I miss it terribly. I love all the noise and craziness around me. I love the "Best mom evers!" and "I love you more's!" But... but.. I do look forward to getting some things done around the house as well. .. errands ran.. and maybe even sneak in some "me" time. 
The school aged children thought these were awesome..
Some times I pull through and seem like I have it all together. Like when the children woke up to this.. I was an awesome mom this day. The children only thought I was going to be making lunch every day.. that lasted the first week.. I even included printed jokes.. (Awesome mom).
Max. (5th grade). 
Alexander.  (3rd grade)
Barrett boy. (3rd grade)
Jacqualynn Grace (2nd grade)
Lola Marie. (age 2) She thought it was really important that she got in on all this first day of school action.. 
backpack and all.. HECK YES!
My crew..I can't even write how much I love these guys! They are pretty awesome. (Word of the day = awesome). I mean it. I love just about everything about them. Best Children ever!! 

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