Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The real deal.. 4th of July.

Boy am I ever grateful to live in America. I just love the 4th of July Holiday. I love July weather. I love a backyard BBQ. I love just love a reason to party. I also love how you can't just celebrate a holiday for one day in Utah. Oh Yeah!! Here is the real deal day. The evening of the real deal day, we got together with some of our favorite people {Watsons, Johnsons, Goodwins, Conleys, and us}. We decided to not fight the crowds in the canyons but to do a backyard thing. Everyone chipped in and it all came together perfectly.

This thing is always a super big hit. Don't mind my daughter hanging off the edge. I just pray she makes it to age 5. Age 5 would be good. ..

 Here are some big people. Alyssa, Jon, and Jaxson.
 Brooke and JD

 Ross, Jen and Harper.

 It's ME! Yes I was there. Here's the proof! Maybe not the best picture.. but it's the only one.
And Timmers. He is always a happy guy. Seriously.. always.. but especially when he has one of his attachments. That's love! No pictures of Watsons. Boo! My bad!! Sorry Watsons.. but we were still super glad you came!!
Now on to the children..
Harper. Oh my.. how my Lola loved baby Harper..loved loved loved her.
 Jaxon. Look at him. He is such a little stud muffin. Seriously.. such a cool little dude!
Cole guy! He is a big deal at this house. Lola loves her some Cole guy! And they are pretty dang cute together. Makes my heart smile. Love to see them love their cousins!
Buggy.. My fearless little lady... seriously fearless..
1-800-I-love-auntie. Oh yeah!!
 Taylor Jade loving her some yummy BBQ.
Oh these two again..
I can see it.. it's about to happen.. the whole we can't go anywhere ... do anything without wrestling deal.. that's them. I guess I am grateful that they have each other to mess around with.

Max with the best toy in town. Oh yeah. I think the children have put just as many miles on this baby as they have their bikes..
Brooke and JD saved the day. I forgot how much my children like to light off fireworks. That is a must for the 4th of July and I totally dropped the ball -
Seriously. Love them. Even though they can't sit still to save their life-

 Barrett Boy. GROSS!!
There's my Gracer Goose.  She liked getting in on the action too.
 Max enjoyed everyone's fireworks right from the comfort of his very own scooter. 
Sparklers. I love Sparkler time. 
 Party!! Happy Birthday America!!


Alyssa said...

Oh I LOVE a party too! And that was definitely a fun one :) Thanks for being the best hostess as always. We love a Watson house/backyard party!

Becca said...

What a fun party!!! You guys seriously know how to do it right. Looks like the perfect 4th!