Monday, July 16, 2012


Stop my heart! I love it when these 5 children of mine are all reading. I don't care if it is comics.. picture books.. magazines.. chapter books.. I just hope to instill a love for reading. Now if I could get these pictures to happen every day.. I'd be on the right track.

When this kid get sucked into a book .. he is pretty easy to convince to do his reading.. if not it is torture.. Right now Max's favorites; Garfield. Calvin and Hobbs. Boys scouts Magazine. The Friend. Heroes of Olympus. Wimpy kid.
Alexander and Barrett. They will spend hours with their noses in books on library day. Love Love Library day. Favorites; Garfield, Calvin and Hobbs, Captain Underpants, Origami Yoga, Big Nate.
Jacq loves to read. Reading came very easy for Jacq (as do most things). Her favorite books are fun picture type books, Junie B. Jones, Rainbow Fairies.
Lola. She loves to be apart of big kid stuff. She will look through the pictures of books for hours. She makes up her very own stories to go with the pictures. She loves all things Dora, Princess, Piggies and Stinky face.
Love a couch filled with big smiles, happy children and lots and lots of books.

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Alyssa said...

So stinkin' cute! Love that all your kids love to read :) What an amazing gift for them to have for life.